Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia



This is a story which represents something which is desired, but unobtainable. A journey created by dreams of the South, and on this journey to live experiences through feelings. In the beginning….

Happiness.  A journey filled with scents, colors and light. The clean air of the sunshine coasts, the perfume of the blossom and the jasmine, the infinite explosion of the spring celebration, the way they live here. This joy cannot be conceived without being shared, openly expressing oneself, conveying oneself and proving oneself without consideration, in a stream of almost strident emotions. And in comparison….

Tragedy.  The devastating end, the loneliness of the dry lands and the lack of people, the pain caused by the absence brought by death, the injustice of the wars that kill without reason, the deep sadness that drowns everything apart from the cry of pain in which one takes refuge from the universal grief in a South Andalusian way. The only way to leave it behind is….

Passion.  Uncontrollable vibrations that provoke a shivering sensation. Through the magic that moves the most powerful of emotions, instantly understand the love, the desire, the sensuality that transports us to new dimensions, to euphoric pleasure, almost to the edge of insanity.

Three emotions. An invented journey, but at the same time more real than any other. Through the journey, lose yourself in the real South and learn to feel without regards to the consequences. Succumb to the perception, the life and one expression only: Flamenco.