Little Virtuosos Georgian Dance Company



The mountainous region of Caucasian has been the scene of battles, historical moments, and a vibrant energy that has given it’s inhabitants a unique way of seeing and living life. The dance has been the clearest manifestation of the social order, tradition and feelings of it’s people from generation to generation… Because of this background, the information of their folkloric dance: “The Amazing Children of Georgia” brings to the audience an awesome compendium of values and principals that have enabled them to face their future.

“The Amazing Children of Georgia” have inherited the skills, dexterity, and mastery from their teachers: “The National Georgian Ballet”, who have trained these youngsters from ages 7 to 13 since 1995 under the direction of Gia Davitashvili, a former choreographer and solo dancer of said ballet.

These Little Virtuosos start their training at a very young age; some as young as 4. They study normal academic courses along with the Georgian or Caucasian folkloric dance. They say the Georgians carry the music and dance in their veins. This instinct, combined with the theory, history and choreography of the traditional dance, makes the performance of “The Amazing Children of Georgia” a truly dazzling experience.

These children are veritable athletes, possessing breathtaking strength and virility that takes you back to the ancient battles of the regions of Georgia. You will also see romantic scene depicting the courtship of the young bride to be and of their traditional marriage ceremony.

Without a doubt these children offer two hours filled with electrifying excitement, passion, and colorful pageantry combined with thrilling live music that will entertain and delight the entire family.