The Beriozka Ballet



The BERIOZKA was founded by Nadezhda Nadezhdina in the spring of 1948.  This Russian Group of Popular Academic State Dances, BERIOZKA, has represented magnificently all of Russian folklore dance for more than 50 years.

​The BERIOZKA has been the Soviet cultural ambassador for more than 30 years and is considered the maximum representation of Russian popular dance.

Nadezhda Nadezhdina, the founder, has said: “Love the people, love popular art and see it with the eyes of a poet.” This has been the principal theme of Russian cultural “danzaria.”

BERIOZKA denotes: “Abedul,” the symbol of Russia. This autochthonous tree encompasses all the sublime and poetic values of popular art.

BERIOZKA’s trajectory has taken its art to the five continents, captivating all kinds of audiences.

The creative essence of BERIOZKA consists in synthesizing the folklore of popular dance with the school of classical dance. Furthermore, this amalgam of dances has permitted to communicate from the stage the ingenuous poetry, the intrinsic power, and beauty of popular Russian dance.

Twenty-five young and beautiful girls, dressed in long traditional Russian costumes, with saintly and illuminating aureola of impressive presence, walking, dancing and moving about the stage in such an imperceptible manner, make the BERIOZKA unique.

No, they do not walk or move, they “float,” but in such a way that one believes it is not they who move, but rather, it’s the stage under their feet, which is moving.

It is very difficult to describe with words the shades and colors that convey the undeniable character of BERIOZKA.  The performance is original, peerless, and unparalleled, as is the highly technical agility of the ballerinas, who dance with uncommon and unperceptive motion of soft expressions of femininity. Their uninterruptible spontaneity and the extraordinary harmony in their movements express the life that these artists have made of the Russian Group of Popular Academic State Dances, BERIOZKA. The world’s most exquisite, incomparable and inimitable folkloric ballet.